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Payroll Services
Payroll taxes are never any fun; they’re tedious, expensive and, if you do them yourself, very time consuming and subject to error.

Businesses need to focus on their business, not on the nightmarish but necessary paperwork required by the IRS and Mass Department of Revenue. For that reason alone you’re better off minimizing your time and involvement doing weekly payroll, quarterly and annual reports,
W-2’s, 1099’s, etc. and instead letting a professional do it.

I’ve developed a payroll service that’s unique and doesn't nickel and dime you to death like other firms do with additional fees for things like direct deposits, W-2’s, 1099’s, adding new employees, payroll check forms, mailing costs and requests for information. With my service everything is included in one flat monthly fee. Here’s a brief overview of just what you get:

Periodic payroll your choice of weekly, biweekly or monthly and special checks for bonuses or accrued sick time or vacation
  • Your choice of payment type, checks, direct deposits or some combination including just paystubs for paying by cash
  • Weekly reports providing all the information you need on total payroll, federal and state withholding and taxes paid in
  • Automatic tax payments for federal and state withholding as well as employer taxes with no involvement by you
  • Automatic filing of all monthly, quarterly and annual reports with no involvement by you. This includes
    W-2’s, 1099’s, 941s, 940, Mass. unemployment, wage reporting and health insurance contribution reports.
  • Personnel administration such as adding or de-activating employees, changing marital status, withholding or deductions
  • Automatic incorporation of tax changes by IRS or Mass DOR, such as withholding tables, new tax credits etc.,
  • Expert advice on how best to manage your payroll and minimize your payroll and business income taxes
Want an even better deal? Ask me about combining your payroll services with your business and personal tax returns.
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