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Business Analysis Consulting
As the saying goes, “Opportunity only knocks once”. This can be especially true in business and when it happens you want to make the best decision possible. Doing so depends on an objective and complete analysis of all the information available.

When these opportunities are in the form of taking over an existing business or expanding your own business, we can help.

We have helped several individuals get their hands around the benefits and potential pitfalls of acquiring an existing business, expanding their own or starting a new one.

For existing businesses this means going through the financial statements for several years, looking at the assets and liabilities that would be acquired, evaluating the business needs in terms of working capital, personnel and equipment, looking at the existing and new market opportunities and presenting a set of recommendations that would best insure success in the new endeavor.

¬†Of course, if the numbers and analysis just don’t add up to a good possibility of success, the reasons why would be put forth and discussed. Obviously, the final decision is always in the hands of the client but that decision will be easier, clearer and more defensible with our complete objective analysis as input.

If you’re considering such an endeavor give serious thought to an independent, objective analysis, such as we offer, as a prudent investment that may very well save you money, time and heartache down the line.
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